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We offer a friendly custom order service for our Woven Sculpture Pendants. A truly unique, intricately woven pendant, which is more like a miniature work of art than a pendant, is created with you in mind. With your input, your pendant is made according to your taste in colour and design and you are sure to be delighted with the result.

We trust you'll find the following Custom Order Information useful, however, please Contact us if you have any further questions. As more questions arise from our customers they will be added here also.

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I have a special stone that I really love. Can this stone be used in my pendant?
Yes!. However, not all stones are able to be used well in this type of design and this will need to be determined on an individual basis depending particularly on the size and shape of the stone/s in question.

What is the best way to send my stone?
All stones sent to the artist will need to be sent via registered mail. You may wish to send several 'special' stones for the artist to consider. The stones not used in the pendant will be mailed back to you
also via registered mail, with your new Woven Sculptured Pendant. From the US, your stone will take 3-5 working days to get to the artist.

How much cheaper will it be if I use my own stones?

Actually, no cheaper if comparing the Woven Sculpture Pendants listed for sale on our Jewelry page. Working up a custom order piece around a customer's own stones and/or with a customer's desires in mind, is not only far more difficult than creating without these constraints (as per pendants listed on Jewellery page), it is also very much more time consuming.

A custom order piece often requires many emails back and forth, possibly including drawings and/or pictures if necessary, to ensure the artist knows exactly what the customer desires, so that the customer will end up with the Woven Sculptured Pendant they truly adore.

I have seen a Woven Sculpture Pendant I love, but I'd prefer a different coloured stone/theme.
What makes these intricately Woven Sculptured Pendants so appealing is the fact that no two can ever be exactly the same. Every Woven Sculptured Pendant is unique, simply by the nature of the beast and the nature of the artist :) . While the artist certainly can make every effort to duplicate the pendant you like, with the coloured stones of your choice (subject to availability), it is more likely that at some point in the construction process, and such is the normal way the artist works,.. the pendant will take on a life of it's own in order to maximise the beautiful effect and display of stones, and maintain the flow of the sculpture.

How long will it take to get my Woven Sculptured Pendant after I place a Custom Order?
Custom Orders are filled in the order of the date we receive the requests. Orders with specially requested metals and/or components needing to be ordered from our suppliers, will be parked (and the artist will work on the next Custom Order on the list
), until the components arrive. Once the components have arrived, that order will resume it's date order priority.

The artist will endeavour to have your beautiful Woven Sculptured Pendant completed and out the door to you within two weeks from your order. Orders containing special request components may suffer some delays depending on how quickly the artist receives the components for your piece.

You will be advised at the time, if there are any anticipated delays should unusual components be requested, and if necessary, during busy periods, be made aware of how many custom orders are ahead of you on the list prior to ordering so you will know in advance approx how long your pendant will take.

How will my Woven Sculptured Pendant be shipped to me?
With great care. Your Woven Sculptured Pendant will be placed in a beautiful gift box and be sent via registered mail.

Customers within Australia; you will receive your pendant in the mail within 1-3 working days from date of posting. Customers in the US; you will receive your pendant within 5-7 working days of posting. All other countries we estimate will be similar to the US, 5-7 working days from posting.

What will my custom ordered pendant cost?
Because there are so many variables that need to be considered before a figure can be placed, this question cannot be answered simply. A custom order however, will not attract a higher dollar amount simply because it is a custom order and a good measure of prices is located on our jewellery page. Prices will be increased considerably though should a customer request a pendant to be made in gold, or other similarly priced metals. Through the process of each individual custom order discussion, a final price will be established and a deposit required prior to the order commencing.

What if I don't like the pendant that was made?
The artist will make every effort to extract information from you and use your input as much as possible to enable her to create a Woven Sculptured Pendant according to your individual taste. However, despite all efforts, should you be unhappy with the final pendant, no harm is done and the pendant will be put up for sale on our jewellery page and your deposit can be used against another custom order if you wish.

I want to keep it simple. Can I request a pendant and just buy it from your Jewellery page if I like it?
Absolutely! But also depending on the number of custom order requests at the time. Use our Contact form and simply say what you would like. If time and materials are available, the artist will create the pendant of your desires and send you an email notifying you as soon as the pendant is available on our jewellery page so you will be the first to view it. Keeping it simple, with absolutely no obligations to buy and with the knowledge that your request is undertaken by the artist as simply an interesting challenge and will not cause any loss or inconvenience to the artist should you decide not to buy it.


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