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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please use our Contact Form. If your question is asked frequently..we'll add it to this page ;}

Downloading Paid Tutorials

Purchasing StudioHeath tutorials is secure
We use Paypal to process purchases. You can purchase with confidence knowing that your information is kept safe and secure when using Paypal. You will receive a record of your purchase with us from Paypal.

Solution Graphics

Purchasing StudioHeath tutorials is simple
The purchase and download process is simple,.. you don't really need to read the instructions below, but we've added them here just for your information. It's really as simple as clicking on the Add to Cart button and following the instructions as they pop up on your screen.

A look at the process
After you have clicked the Add to Cart button under the tutorial you'd like to purchase, a secure Paypal window like the one shown below, will pop up onto your computer screen. It will display the details of items in your Paypal Cart and you will have the option also to continue shopping if you wish to select more tutorials or proceed straight to the checkout.

Confirm the details of your purchase when you have finished shopping and click the secure checkout button.

Paypal Cart window

You will then be taken through a quick and easy Paypal payment process.

* For non-US purchasers, note that the USD conversion to your currency is automatically done within Paypal, and therefore no need for you to do anything fancy.

Once the payment process via Paypal is completed, you will receive an email immediately which will confirm your purchase. The email will also contain links to your tutorials (as the red arrow indicates in the pic below). Click these links to download your tutorials.

Please note The links in your email will expire after 24hours, so please download your tutorials within this time if possible. Links will be resent manually however, if for some reason you are unable to download the tutorials in this period of time.

links in email

A Download window will pop up on your screen (as shown below). Please select SAVE and choose an appropriate folder on your computer to save your tutorials.

download window

The whole process from the first click, to seeing your new tutorial
on your computer screen, takes just a minute or two.


Downloading the free tutorials

Simply click on the Download Tutorial button under the tutorial icon. A Download window (as shown below), will pop up onto your screen and ask you to select open or save. Please select SAVE and choose an appropriate folder on your computer to save your tutorials.

download window


What to do if you do not receive your email with tutorial links

It is very rare that the email containing tutorial links doesn't arrive within a minute or two of purchase, but on the occasions it has happened, there was always a very good reason.

Please see the following reasons we have found;
Gmail: Gmail has been known to reject some legitimate PayPal service e-mails. If you're using a Gmail address with your Paypal Account, and did not receive your email with links, Please provide us with an alternative email address to where we can resend the links. Please read this Gmail glitch hampers PayPal posted on the Cnet News Blog on April 18, 2008.

Paying by eCheque: If you paid using an eCheque, you will be required to wait up to four working days for your tutorials unfortunately. Using an eCheque takes four working days, as it does with regular cheques, for funds to be cleared from your bank account. This is a normal bank process and is a process that is out of our hands. Paypal will not send you the links to your new tutorials until the funds have cleared and the transaction has completed.

Check the email address you use for Paypal: The email address you have given Paypal must be correct and current. This email address is where your email with tutorial links will be sent.

Check your spam: Look for the email in your spam/junk mail folders. Remember, some ISPs offer great spam filters and hold your junk mail on their server so you are free from annoying junk mail on a daily basis. In this case, you will need to log into your email via your ISPs webpage and check your spam folder on the server there.

It is important that you check your spam folders because if the email was treated as spam the first time it will of course be treated as spam again if resent to the same email address.

Shipping Jewelry:
How long does it take to ship to the US?

Usually it takes approx 5 working days to ship jewelry.


General FAQs:
Where are you located?
We're located in Canberra, Australia.

Why is it taking you so long to populate this page with more FAQs?
The cheeky answer to that would be,.. the questions that have been asked once,..are waiting patiently to be asked a few more times to be classed as frequent because this is a FAQ page and not an OAQ(Occasionally Asked Questions)page or a RAQ(Rarely Asked Questions)page ;} But the real answer would be,....soooh much to do, soooh little time, it's on the list of things to do.



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