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Jewelry Making Tutorials

Instant downloadable tutorials are available here on the website. You will receive your tutorials automatically
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I also sell some of my tutorials through my Etsy Shop, and my Artfire Shop, however there is a time delay to receive them through these shops as they do not have the facility to allow me to setup automatic download at time of purchase like I can here, and they need to be sent to you manually. If you prefer this method of purchase, please also allow for world time differences. I'm located in Canberra, Australia so up to 8hrs delay could occur should you purchase as I shutdown my computer for the night. I check and send tutes first thing in the mornings however.

woven stirling silver, opals and pearls...woven stirling silver, lapis and labrodorite...woven stirling silver, opal and turquoise

StudioHeath Tutorials

Lampwork Beads

I absolutely love playing at the torch making pretty lampwork beads. I started with the idea of including my own beads into my jewelry but somehow along the way, beadmaking took over and these days I mostly just make beads.

I mostly hang out on Facebook, so if you haven't already, send me a facebook 'friend' request Remy Heath.You can find photos of my beads here in my Facebook Albums
, and my beads are available to buy through the StudioHeath Shop link on my Facebook Business Page . A link to my business page can also be found at the top of my wall. You can also find my beads for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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Website 'Tizzy Up'
I'm currently fluffing up the website files and redecorating. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Many of the page 'links' have been disabled until the pages are changed to suit the redesign.

Puchasing tutorials is still possible. The individual tutorial information pages are still available also, but remain in the old design at this present time and the banner links are probably out of whack atm.

The HOME page and TUTORIALS page will be tweaked a little more.


Friend me here:

Remy Heath
Remy Heath
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Tute 08:

Off-Beat Pendant

Tute 07:

Remy Gem Ring

Tute 06:

Treasure Coil Wrap Pndt

Tute 05:

Cosmic Knot Ring

Tute 04:

Enceinte Melody Earrings

Tute 03:

Woven Sculpture Pendant

Tute 02:

Border Wrap Prong Pendant

Tute 01:

Cage Pendant Free!!

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Studio Heath no longer offers original watercolours for sale, however we hope to offer prints of selected artwork and photos in the future.


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