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TUTORIAL 001: Cage Pendant . ... .free!!!
A very versatile little pendant that can be made up quickly at shows
and can be easily adapted to encage a variety of pretty objects. Enjoy!

This tutorial has 10 pages, and contains 29 photographs.

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sterling silver with marble

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Cage Pendant
stirling silver with marble gold filled with rose quartz nugget

Things you'll need for this tutorial


  • 12" (310mm) 20ga square, half hard silver wire cut into three even pieces. (Alternatively: use round wire)
  • Short length 22ga half round, half hard silver wire. Just enough to wrap three wires to form the base of your pendant.
  • Short length 22ga round wire. Just enough to wrap the neck of your pendant.
  • 1 15x10mm focal nugget, marble or bead.
  • 1 round 'mandrel' object slightly bigger than your chosen focal nugget or bead.


  • Round nose pliers, square nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flush cutters, sharpie pen & ruler.

Special Note: This tutorial was originally produced for the purpose of viewing on screen and therefore the pictures were saved in a format to suit 72dpi screen quality. While you can still print the tutorial, and the pictures will be ok, they are not print quality for this tutorial.

We know you'll love our tutorials!!!

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