TUTORIAL 002: Border Wrap Prong Pendant
In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a border wrap prong setting to suit the dome height and shape of your cabochon. You will learn how to shape the setting to fit snugly around your cabochons and how to do a woven bail to top it all off. Also included in this tutorial is a simple trick developed by DK Heath, that takes the guesswork out of doing prongs, and will enable you to get your prongs the same size, ...every... single... time!

This tutorial has 30 pages, and contains a whopping 93 photographs!!!!!

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Border Wrap Prong Pendant

Things you'll need for this tutorial


  • 3 x 10” (25cm) pieces of 20ga round HH or DS silver wire.
    (4 pieces may be required depending on cabochon)
  • 21 ½” (55cm) of 20ga ½ round silver wire.
  • 15 ¾” (40cm) of 26ga round silver wire.
  • 1 18x25 oval cut cabochon.


  • Round nose pliers, square nose pliers, flush cutters and
    a ruler or small knife.
  • Also useful are a sharpie marker pen, mandrel, Quick Lock Clamp or masking tape.

    Quick Lock Clamp
    A handy little tool that can be purchased cheaply from
    here .



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