TUTORIAL 003: Woven Sculpture Pendant
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This tutorial is a thorough STEP-BY-STEP tutorial.
It is 66 pages long
and contains a whopping 197 photographs!!!!!

Well over 100 hours have gone into creating the pendant, photographing, photograph-editing, writing, proof-reading, text editing and re-editing to bring this tutorial to life. Tute butt was unavoidable as a consequence. :)
I sincerely thank you for your patience.

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Have you ever wanted to try this style, but didn't know where to start??? Well you've just found the perfect place to start.

Are you just curious about this style, but don't really care to make pendants this complex??? Just by reading though this tutorial, you will learn enough to incorporate many of the techniques used in this style, into your own work. Be prepared however, for your jewellery making style to change considerably.

Have you ever thought that you could never make pendants like this??? Well think again. This tutorial was written with you in mind. You will be pleasantly surprised how easily you'll do these.

Follow this tutorial and you will not only learn how to make jewellery in this style, you will also discover a whole new realm of possibilities to add to your jewellery making repertoire in the process. Your jewellery making skills will reach another level within just a few days. With these new-found ideas and techniques, be warned, you won't be able to resist incorporating some, or all of them into your jewellery making ventures thereafter, giving your latest work an eye catching look of high quality and precision.

In this tutorial you will learn STEP-BY-STEP how to make a Woven Sculpture Pendant that is a piece of artwork in its own right. You will learn how to combine intricately woven elements that twist and wind their way through and around the setting, embedding your cabochons and beads securely while creating a stunning sculptured piece that appears more complex in construction than it really is.

Everything you ever wanted to know about this style and more. This tutorial includes coiling, weaving, construction, design, setting cabochons and beads, tips, variation ideas and,... the thought process behind working up jewellery in this style.

These pendants are complex by nature and to the untrained eye, look virtually impossible to make or perhaps like they would required a very high level of skill, when in reality, these pendants can be made without having a very high level of skill, and simply requiring instead, a very high level of patience and perserverence. The thorough instruction and abundance of accompanying photographs make this tutorial suitable for the beginner (not absolute beginner) right through to intermediate and advanced jewellery makers.

You will absolutely love this tutorial, and come away from it with not only a stunning Woven Sculpture Pendant that will WOW your friends and family, but you're sure to be totally inspired with endless ideas for new pieces, racing through your mind.

This tutorial contains thorough instructions and an extensive visual display of clear photographs as it takes you through a STEP-BY-STEP process of how to make a pendant in this style. There is no holding back,… everything is revealed.

Please note however, the complex nature of the pendant/style, combined with the step-by-step method of teaching it, means this tutorial is therefore lengthy as a consequence and should really be more aptly referred to as an e-book.

While step-by-step is obviously a more thorough method to teach something and definitely comes with many advantages, it also comes with disadvantages such as print length and some repetition as a few techniques are repeated on different areas of the pendant. Both of those disadvantages however, are relatively minor and will not concern the majority of serious jewellery makers.

This tutorial is 66 pages long and contains 197 photographs!!!!!

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Important note:
Prior knowlege of how to construct a Border Wrap Prong setting is preferred, as this setting is utilised in this tutorial as part of the construction process for this pendant.

The instruction for the Border Wrap Prong Setting is not repeated in this tutorial.

While knowledge of this setting is preferred, as it will enable you to follow the tutorial exactly, it is not essential and an alternative method is offered in that section of the tutorial.

If you are interested in learning the Border Wrap Prong setting, and include it in this tutorial, you can find the tutorial for this here .
Woven Sculpture Pendant

(This pendant is based on the pendant pictured top left in table below, in an attempt to 're-make' that pendant)


Things you'll need for this tutorial


- Wire
  • 18ga (1.00mm) round silver
- 8.5"(21.5cm) - (frame wire)
  • 20ga (0.80mm) round silver
- 36"(92cm) - (bail & setting core wire)
  • 21ga (0.72mm) round silver
- 8"(20cm) - (double-coil core wire)
  • 26ga (0.40mm) silver
- off the spool* - (weaving & coiling)
  • 28ga (0.30mm) silver
- 39.5"(100cm) - (double-coil coil wire)
A Border Wrap Prong setting is incorporated in the design, (instructions for the BWP are not included in this tutorial). The following wire will be needed for the BWP. Aternative settings if preferred, can vary greatly in amount of wire needed and cannot be provided for obvious reasons.
  • 20ga (0.80mm) round silver
- 40"(102cm) - (Border Prong setting wire)
  • 20ga (0.80mm) 1/2 round silver
- 22"(55cm) - (Border Prong setting wrap)
*The 26ga (0.40mm) wire is used heavily in these pendants for weaving and coiling and it is recommended that you purchase this wire on the spool and in 1 ounce amounts if you are keen to make more of these pendants. This gauge wire is perfect for weaving and coiling and even if you never do another one of these pendants, it won’t go to waste.

- Cabochons and Beads
  • 1 - 30x22mm freeform cabochon
  • 1 - 18x13mm oval cabochon
  • 3 - 4mm Swarovski bicone beads
  • 8 - 2.5mm round silver beads
  • 1 - 6mm round bead
  • 1 – 8x6mm faceted teardrop bead
This list refers to the cabochons and beads that were used for this pendant, however as long as the sizes are generally similar, there is no reason why you cannot use an oval or round cabochon instead of a freeform cabochon, and a round cabochon instead of the smaller oval cabochon. The same applies to the other beads. Use what you can get hold of, and use more or less of these as you prefer.

Round nose pliers, Chain nose pliers (long fine nose to get into tiny spaces), Flat nose pliers, Flush cutters, hand drill or coil winder, metal ruler and small mandrel for bail.

Also useful at times is a Quick Lock Clamp or similar, small file to smooth wire ends if needed and a hammer.

Quick Lock Clamp
A handy little tool that can be purchased cheaply from
here .


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