TUTORIAL 004: Enceinte Melody Earrings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a stylish and versatile pair of earrings. Choose to add some tiny metal beads and your earrings will have a more lacy or frilly look. Take the design further and team these earrings up with a pendant based on the same design, and you have a beautiful, expensive looking pendant and earring set.

This tutorial covers how to coil, how to make nice even loops, how to make your own ear wires and also how to make sure your earrings are a perfect mirror image of each other.

These earrings are solid in construction and are a lovely size and weight, without being heavy. They have an expensive look about them and will certainly demand attention when worn.

This tutorial is 22 pages long, and contains 65 photographs.

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Enceinte Melody Earrings

Base Earrings


Things you'll need for this tutorial

The list below shows the actual materials used in making these earrings, however other metals and beads can easily be substituted.

  • 12"(30.5cm) of 20ga(0.80mm) GF round HH wire

  • 3"(7.5cm) of 22ga(0.65mm) GF round HH wire

  • 40"(101.5cm) of 26ga(0.40mm) GF round DS wire
  • 12"(30.5cm) of 28ga(0.32mm) GF round DS wire

  • 2 x faceted 8x6mm Czech crystal beads

Optional Extras

  • 10 x 2.5mm GF beads

Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, square nose pliers, flush cutters, coil winder/hand or power drill ruler, small hammer, metal block, file & small mandrel.

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