TUTORIAL 005: Cosmic Knot Ring

Have you been avoiding making rings?
Then it's time to give it a go. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy and fun they are to make.

Would you like to be able to make custom sized unique rings?

Then this tutorial is for you. Rings will soon become one of your favorite things to make. Look out for more ring designs coming.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a unique plaited shank Cosmic Knot ring. You will learn how to plait the ring shank evenly, how to sizeup a ring to get the exact size you'll need for custom orders, and how to avoid unsightly wire ends.

The real bonus of learning this ring however, is once you have made this ring and you're familiar with its construction, you can easily make variations of it and go wild with your own design ideas for the top of the ring. The only limit to this is your imagination.

These rings work up quickly and once you have done a few, you will likely have the construction part complete within just a few minutes, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy process of creation as you play with the tops.

This ring absolutely glistens and is sure to demand attention. It sits low on the finger and is very comfortable to wear. This ring also looks amazing when treated with Liver of Sulphur.

Overall, this is a fun project as you learn a very useful technique in ring construction.

This tutorial is 32 pages long, and contains 95 photographs.

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$15 USD

Cosmic Knot Ring


Things you'll need for this tutorial

The list below shows the actual materials used to make this ring, however, other metals can easily be substituted and/or mixed for a different look.

  • 56" (142cm) of 20ga(0.80mm)
    Dead soft, round, sterling silver wire.

  • 14 x 2.5mm sterling silver large holed beads.
    Optional extra beads.


  • flush cutter, square nose pliers, chain nose pliers, rawhide or synthetic mallet, ring mandrel, ruler, sharpie pen, rubber head Quick Lock Clamp and/or vise.

    Quick Lock Clamp
    A handy little tool that can be purchased cheaply from
    here .

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