TUTORIAL 006: Treasure Coil-Wrap Pendant

Have you ever picked up those small agate slabs and discs at gems shows, admired their beauty and their price, then reluctantly put them back down because you didn’t know what to do with them?
Then it’s time to snap up those bargain pretties and set them into quick and easy pendants.

Is your collection of agate slabs, discs, donuts, coins, beach glass, shells and polished river pebbles continually growing because you cannot resist collecting them for that day when you'll find a way to use them.

Well that day has come. Dig all of those treasures out of your stash and set them into pendants to show them off.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple coil wrap pendant that can be used to display favorite beach day treasures, stunning agate discs, and other similar treasure items. You will learn how to measure up your treasure item to estimate how much wire will be needed.

With just a small amount of wire, you will learn how to make a coil frame to suit the size and shape of your treasure item, then simply reshape and swap out another treasure item if your pendant doesn't sell after some time.

This tutorial is 36 pages long, and contains 106 photographs.

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Treasure Coil-Wrap Pendant



Things you'll need for this tutorial

The list below shows the actual materials used to make this pendant however, other metals, cabochons and stones can easily be substituted for a different look.

  • 31.5" (80cm) of 20ga(0.80mm)
    DS or HH, round, sterling silver wire.

  • 14" (35.5cm) of 20ga(0.80mm) 1/2 round sterling silver wire.

  • 35mm round agate disc.

Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters, ruler, large mandrel, small mandrels, sharpie pen (not shown) and tape.

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