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Jewelry Tutorials

* Now, 8 tutorials totalling 285 pages and 847 photographs *

Click on the images below for more information about each tutorial.

Border Wrap
Prong Pendant
Woven Sculpture
Enceinte Melody
Cosmic Knot

Tutorial 001
Tutorial 002
$9 USD
Tutorial 003
$25 USD
Tutorial 004
$10 USD
Tutorial 005
$15 USD

Coil-Wrap Pendant

Remy Gem

???? ????

Tutorial 006
$9 USD
Tutorial 007
$17 USD
Tutorial 008
$9 USD


What you will find in the tutorials
They are easy to follow, fun, 'no secrets kept' step-by-step jewelry making tutorials.

Include extensive details and photography. The photographs can be 'zoomed in' for that bird's eye view of every twist and turn of the wire, and together with the very detailed instructions, there are no questions left unanswered. Throughout each tutorial you will also find 'Special Notes' which contain extra tips and tricks learned and passed on to you by a seasoned wire-work jewelry maker.

Are suitable for jewelry makers of all skill levels and we're happy to tell you that even Tutorial 003 has been attempted by some brave new-to-wire jewelry makers, and with great success.

StudioHeath tutorials can be instantly downloaded via a link which is sent in an email to you at time of purchase. It is a fast and simple process and within a few minutes of your purchase 24/7, you will have your new tutorials saved to your computer where you can begin working with them right away.

A tutorial is born
Tutorials can take many weeks gestation before it's developed enough to be sent out on it's own.

It all starts with a kiss... erm.. a dream or concept of a piece of jewelry, followed by a series of sketches to get the piece down on paper where the ideas wont be forgotten. Many copper prototypes are then created or made in-part, to get the design right in it's wire form.

The 'tutorial piece' is then created at least twice using the gauges and profiles of wire intended for the tutorial and the third creation is usually for the photoshoot. Every step of the way through the creation of the tutorial piece is photographed which is a slow and tedious process. Often, hundreds of digital images are snapped, then uploaded to the computer where they are sorted for quality, angle and clarity before the best images are determined and pulled out of the mass of images, then made ready for the tutorial. This usually takes two or three days to complete.

Page layout and image placement is where the size of the tutorial really becomes apparant and after which, the writing finally begins. The writing stage for our tutorials can easily take a whole week. They are carefully scrutinized for any inconsistancies in format and are proof read all the way though no less than 3 times and most often more. They are edited and re-edited for spelling errors, indexing and cross referencing before I am happy to let the tutorials go. This stage requires a most concentrated effort for the longest time and a sigh of relief is always heard after this stage is complete.

This is the process I go through with each and every tutorial to ensure that you receive value for money when purchasing our tutorials.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jewelry Making could be for you, if . . .

  • you are a stay-at-home parent (SAHM or SAHD) and could do with some extra cash
  • you are a Senior School or UNI student looking for a way to bring in some income while you study
  • you just want to make jewelry for yourself and gifts for friends and relative
  • you want to get a little more serious and start your own small business and make money working from home

Jewelry making is creative and fun,.. and with our easy to follow tutorials,
you'll be pleasantly surprised just how easy it really is.


There's no waiting when you purchase StudioHeath tutorials
We know what it's like when the creative muse strikes. We know how it strikes at any time, day or night. We understand wanting to try something now while you're feeling creative, but needing to wait a week for a book to arrive, really is too slow sometimes.

You will receive an email from StudioHeath containing the links to download your tutorials. This email is auto-generated and sent to you the moment your purchase transaction via Paypal has been completed. It should arrive in your inbox almost immediately.

If you do not receive your email with tutorial links within a few minutes after your purchase, please wait an hour or so, just in case your email server is experiencing problems, then if it has not arrived after that time, please refer to the
FAQ page for a few simple reasons why, and how you can resolve it quickly and easily.

We would much prefer that you receive your tutorials at the time of purchase and will do all we can to ensure that you do.
Contact Us if you still have not found your email after following the instructions in the FAQ page and we'll sort things out quickly.

Please be patient if you contact us between 10am-4:30pm New York Time however, as it is sleeptime here during those hours and your email won't be seen until morning, approx 5pm New York Time. The Time Zone for our location in Australia is GMT 10:00+ hrs.

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We know you'll love our tutorials!!!

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